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Instant Curb Appeal

A Mature Tree Makes A Big Difference

What A Difference A Good Tree Makes

The right tree can make your yard or business exterior a thing of beauty and raise your property level as time goes by. Dakota Tree Nursery specializes in large, mature trees that are great for your property and easy to transplant. First, you decide what tree you want and where you want the tree. Second, we bring the tree to your property and plant it with our large machinery. It's just that easy!


Trees are great for so many things! They recycle oxygen, provide shape, and promote a healthy environment. Not to mention the memories that will be made under them. Did you ever have a tree swing? Do you remember sitting on that bench under the tree at your grandparents? Memories last a lifetime - don't you think it's time to plant a tree so your family can experience what you did growing up?

About Us


Mature Trees

Large, mature trees are our specialty and they have been since 1971! If you are looking for a way to add character to your property and boost re-sale value, stop by and take a peek at our vast selection of large, mature trees!

Tree Moving

Big or small, we move them all! Are you moving and don't want to lose the memories associated with an old tree? Maybe you have trees on your property that you'd like to place somewhere else. Mature or young trees - we can do it!

Grass Seeding

Dakota Tree Nursery also provides grass seeding and overseeding. Our lawn experts will ensure that your property gets seeded the right way the first time. Nothing shows pride in ownership like a gorgeous, green lawn!

Dirt Delivery

Need some dirt or mulch for your next big project? No problem! We haul dirt to locations in the greater Sioux Falls area.


No rentals, just let us know where to go and we'll do the rest! It's just that easy.

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Our Trees are Guaranteed

Buying a tree is a big deal and we understand that. We are so confident in the quality of trees that every tree that we sell comes with a one-year guarantee.

Our Equipment

We have four tree spades ranging from 44 inches to 90 inches, making moving trees quick and easy.


Ready to get started?

Download and submit this form so work can begin.

"The process of getting a tree is as simple as can be! Come to our nusery to decide what tree you want and where you want to plant the tree. Once you've made your decision, we bring the tree to your property and plant it! Getting a tree is literally that simple and hassle-free!"
- Tim Tiahrt, Owner / Operator

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